Back in Indonesia, visa time again!

After a long silence I’m know blogging from Jakarta again! After 3 days, which consisted of taking a motor taxi (Ocek), and bus way back and forth between Immigration, Police, Ministry of Internal affaires and RISTEK, I have my KITAS! 1 day delay because the Indonesian had to vote for their new president (SBY; Yudhuyono, it is!) but besides that, things went very fluently this 2nd time! I knew were to go, who to ask (& who not), practised my new skills learned from Bahasa Indonesia lessons, and all went so well that I actually enjoyed Jakarta. Off course, the manual “Researchers visa and permits for dummies” by Lisa and me was also very helpful for myself and I fine-tuned the last details so that you can read the last visa guide version (3.0) here. What also helped was maybe because I entered Indonesia in a very relaxed mode after 4 days recharging at Rock Werchter (Prodigy!)>

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  1. Hey Mayo,

    Fijn dat het deze x allemaal wat soepeler is verlopen! Je wordt een ware prof!

    Succes nog verder,

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