Map Derawan Archipelago

The Derawan Archipelago is located in front of the delta of the Berau river on the eastcoast of Kalimantan, Indonesia. It lies in the center of the Coral Triangle were marine biodiversity is at its greatest, making it a fantastic area for diving. Since 2005 it is part of the Berau Marine Protected Area covering major green turtle nesting beaches at Derawan and Sangalaki and a unique marine lake inhabited by jelly-fish on the island of Kakaban, and Maratua.

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Derawan in Indonesia:

< class="" style="width:650px;height:350px;">Derawan Island

Islands of the Derawan Archipelago, Berau Marine Protected Area


The Derawan Archipelago is part of the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion that stretches across Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
The Berau Islands (2o17′ N – 113 o 13′ E), including Derawan Island, Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua, Panjang, Samama as well as several submerged reefs and small islets, are located in the Sulawesi Sea, on the coastal shelf of the Province of East-Kalimantan Two inhabited Islands: Derawan Island (3.5 km2, one village, Desa Derawan with 1,259 inhabitants) and Maratua Island (20 km2, four villages -; about 2704 inhabitants). Derawan harbours the largest green turtle nesting and feeding ground in the Southeast Asia region.

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