10 February Judith Sarneel and me found our way back (was it a Levy walk?) to Conference centre “De Werelt” for 2 days of total saturation by Ecological research during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting in Lunteren: At daytime listen to “Allee effects”, early warning signals by spatial patterns, plantquality-herbivore interactions and at nighttime getting inspired from foodweb interations compared between seagrass, Serengeti-Mara, Hluhluwe (S.A.), and Barro Colorado (Panama) ecosystems.

The second day it was time for Madelon and me to present our poster “Overgrazing by Green Turtles?” (PDF) together with 45 others. The poster were evaluated on scientific quality, clarity and attractiveness. Not without succes, like you will see below we won the NERN and NECOV 2009 posterprize, and 300 euros! We are very happy with this result, now its time to write an article from it to apply for the PhD paper award next year ☺


The only critics on the poster: increase fontsize of the author names

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Ewout says:

    Hoi Marjolijn,

    Gefeliciteerd met het behalen van deze prachtige prijs. Veel plezier met de 300 euri.

    Groetjes Ewout

  2. Loes Geelen says:

    Hoi Marjolijn (en Madelon en Laura),

    Proficiat! Leuk commentaar =)

  3. Peter Herman says:

    Proficiat Marjolijn. Dit is een leuke opsteker!

    Ik kan maar herhalen wat je zelf al schreef: now its time to write an article from it to apply for the PhD paper award next year


  4. Sabine says:


    Dat is mooi, toch al die tijd en moeite niet voor niets! Je was er toch eigenlijk niet helemaal tevreden over, toen de poster bij de drukker lag?

    Je trotse zusje

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