Vaccinations & Malaria

TIP: Download this (online) book: “Where there is no doctor“, handy DIY-guide if you are in need for medical care and there is no doctor. There is basic care on Derawan Island

Hepatitis A: A nasty virus transmitted through the faecal-oral route, recommended for all travellers.
Thyphoid (Buiktyfus): A bacterial infection by a Salmonella species using the same route.
Yellow fever: Required for all travelers arriving from a yellow-fever-infected area. Not recommended otherwise.
Difteria-Tetanus-Polio: Don’t forget to check if you have to get a new booster of this.

Hepatitis B: Advised if you stay longer than 6 months. Because the virus is transmitted through the blood-body fluid route, the vaccination is advised to travellers with possible intimite contact with the locals.

Stingrays: They particulary like the shallow waters, and often you can only see the tip of their tale when they rest under the sand.  Treat the wound like explained here, otherwise you will end up like me (not walking for 3 months)
Rabies: Transmitted through animals like dogs, bats and other and causes brain inflammation. There is only 1 dog on Derawan, so I never get the rabies vaccination.

No Malaria is reported on Islands of the Derawan Archipelago and inside the city of Samarinda & Balikpapan, the rest of the mainland of Kalimantan is infected. During the 5 years that I was on Derawan Island, 1 case of Dengue and no cases of Malaria were reported.

Mosquito’s: Type 1, recognisable by their black-and-white legs, stinging at daytime. These are transmiting Dengue fever. There is no vaccination available yet.

The 2nd type of Mosquito (the females) are stinging after the sunset and could carry Malaria parasites. In Indonesia Malaria tropica is also present.

Prevent malaria:
You take anti-malaria pills OR you can deside to protect yourself properly and combine this by carring some emerency Malarone in case of infection (like I do). If you think your have Malaria you can fight this by taking 4 pills at once during a day for 3 days in a row, if you are in a remote area without a doctor.

If you opt for the full protection (though not 100% protected): You can use Malarone if you’re staying up to 4 weeks the pills prevent the parasites reproduction in the liver and red bloodcells.

I visited the klm travel klinic (click for actual prices) at Schiphol, a advantage of this company is that you can drop in 24/7 without an appointment. They can directly give you vaccinations and a recipe for anti-malaria tablets which are delivered in your mailbox. Here you can find the advise valid on october 2011. But things change, so always check the current situation

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