27 Nov

And were back! To give you an idea of what we did before travelling to our remote fieldwork site, here’s a (simplified) checklist: Arrange research & travel permit, KITAS, letters for governors, certificate of good conduct police (10 trips, at least 3 days) Give presentation at World Delta Summit & follow EcoDynamic Design workshop Buy [...]

13 Jul

After a long silence I’m know blogging from Jakarta again! After 3 days, which consisted of taking a motor taxi (Ocek), and bus way back and forth between Immigration, Police, Ministry of Internal affaires and RISTEK, I have my KITAS! 1 day delay because the Indonesian had to vote for their new president (SBY; Yudhuyono, [...]

05 May

I wrote a “Indonesian Visa & Research permit procedure for Dummies Guide” to help you find your way when you have to do al of this by yourself (updated in 2011, PDF). Currently the instruction are stated clear at this site of RISTEK

25 Apr

I just want to let you know that me and my bagage arrived safely in Jakarta after a 23hr trip. The last 6 days (with much more to come) Wawan his daugher and I spend many hours arranging documents to get my Research Permit for the next 6 months. This picture gives you an idea [...]

18 Apr

Finally! 23 hours before my flight left to Jakarta I got my VISA! It was a really stressful last week and without Pak Wawan helping me, I would never had made it in time before my flight left. So for all of you curious about how this procedure worked out for me here is a [...]

26 Oct

To get permission to do my fieldwork in Indonesia I’m trying hard to get al the required documents together. These are all the documents that you need to apply for a research permit.