Visa & Research Permit


Find a Indonesian counterpart at a university or research institute (5 months in advanced).
Apply for a research permit at RISTEK (>3 months in advanced).
Then arrange a entry VISA “limited stay visa” in your home country (bring form, flight ticket, letter of support your university) (>2 weeks in advanced). TIP: Before going there first call ahead if the fax from immigration Jakarta has arrived
In your 1st week in Indonesia -> arrange your visa & research permits in Jakarta (takes 3-5 full days).

TIP: Read my instructions on the “Procedure to obtain research permit for Indonesia” (PDF, updated 2012), because the procedure is quite complicated

Visa (Dutch) Tourists:

Test if you need a visa here: Your nationality determines what kind of visa you need.

Tourist can come in with a “tourist visa”  when only visiting 30 days. You can get it after arrival at the airport. Be aware: Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date entry into Indonesia. If you want to stay longer; apply for a 60 day tourist visa at your Nation’s Embassy before arrival in Indonesia.

From 2011, there is a possibility to extend you tourist visa from 1->2 months in Berau (Tj Redeb), East-Kalimantan. You can also get a tourist visa when travelling overland from Malaysia at the local consulate in Tawau (takes 2-3 hours & 170 ringgit).

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  1. Hi!
    Love you site. I just visited Derawan and Maratua with my husband and 2 children (8 y.o. and 11 months old.) Your information was incredibly helpful to us. Thanks!

    I was wondering if you know the status of extending a tourist visa in Berau? I’d like to enter Indo with a 2 month tourist visa, but would like to be able to extend that in Berau verses making a visa run back to Tawau.

    I just returned from the islands through Berau yesterday and for some reason just read your post now about the possibility of extending a tourist visa.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Dear Marjolijn,
    thanks for the excellent blog. Indeed during my stay at Pulau Derawan as a tourist we did see a Dutch family with the girl who was probably attached to a kayak, studying turtles. Was probably your team member! Staying at the Reza-Dira homestay.
    Anyway, I am writing from India, to ask if you know of any Indonenian university labs that are interested in Jellyfish, their biochemistry, locomotion etc., with respect to Kakaban.
    I am hoping to take some of the non-stinging jelliies and study them, but clearly will need a research partner in Indonesia before i can try this.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. Beste Marjolijn,

    Mijn naam is Roel Frakking; ik zal in de zomer van 2015 onderzoek willen doen in Jakarta, in het Nationaal Archief.

    Zou je het goed vinden als ik je daar wat vragen over stel? Ik bekeek je pdf over de aanvraag en eveneens de officiele procedure hier: maar ik word er niet bepaald wijzer van. Als ik het goed begrijp, kan ik het formulier op invullen, maar wat zend ik dan naar de ambassade in Nederland?

    Nuja je begrijpt dat ik enige vragen heb. Zouden we wellicht kunnen mailen? Dat zou ik zeer op prijs stellen.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Roel Frakking

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