19 Apr

The Wadden Natuur kaart (Wadden Sea Nature Map) is now online: this is one of the publications of the Waddensleutels project on which I worked in the last 2+years. You should definitively explore and test it. For example; activate the benthos hotspot layer (upper left) and see which areas are most interesting as foraging areas for [...]

16 Apr

The Waddensleutels project finished 16 april 2015 with a symposium in Leeuwarden, and with that also my 1st post-doc project.  Topics here were: Which measures should we take to increase the area of musselbeds in the Dutch Wadden Sea & what is the current foodweb stucture and state (and how is this affected by the [...]

22 Mar

The 22th of March was the Big Day, I had to defend my PhD thesis. After a 10 minute summary about my research I had one hour to answer the questions of 8 (associate) Professors. 1.5 hours later this happy photo was taken. Standing with my Phd between my (co-) promoteres; Tjeerd, Marieke, Peter, Leon, [...]

20 Mar

After sending out the press release about my upcoming PhD defense, my research on seaturtles destroying their own habitat did receive some attention in Trouw newspaper and a science-radio program. Check these links here.

14 Dec

The 10th international seagrass biology workshop was a success! Together with seagrass specialists from around the globe we enjoyed 3 days packed with talks & workshops in a resort town of Buzios in Brasil. See WSA’s blog by Sity for a nice overview of the highlights and of the speakers (gallery seagrass watch) It also included [...]

01 Oct

After months of radio/blog silence (I did not want to bore you with another photo of my computer screen) I finished the manuscript of my PhD thesis just before the deadline of 1th of October, Woehoe! The last weeks I lived a life comparable to a burrowing shrimp: I lived inside my office, only shoveling [...]

15 Nov

  After a week of CERF-ing (Conference of the Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation) in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, I was totally saturated with new knowledge. So a great time to go out to the field & spend a day searching for Florida seagrasses near Sebastian Inlet. Lori, our guide never saw the seagrass in such [...]

11 Aug

Last year I met Teresa Alcoverro and Rohan Arthur at the Turtle Symposium in India were we discovered that our research had a hudge overlap; we were both doing comparable work on ecosystems with very high densities of green turtles and declining seagrasses, and we only found this out just then. My lastest MS about habitat [...]

17 Dec

I just had a great time in Phuket and Trang in Thailand were the seagrass scientists of the world gathered for 11 days for the World Seagrass Conference and the International Seagrass Biology Workshop. Here a group picture of al the people joining the ISBW inside the Emerald Cave after surviving the 80 meters of darkness [...]

30 Sep

After our first meeting in Texel in 2009 our second meeting was in Samarinda, Indonesia. The university of Samarinda (UNMUL) hosted the meeting and in 2 days we were updated of the outcomes the 15 WOTRO/ KNAW Phd projects that are now running in the Mahakam and Berau river Delta, including my project. The projects [...]

26 May

Before attending the symposium there were 2 obstacles to take: Waiting before it was safe again to fly from north-europe after the gigantic ash clouds following the  eruption of Eyajallajokull. And secondly, getting my businessvisa (3 days at the visa office) from the Indian Ambassy in The Hague. But the day before departure I finally received [...]

12 Apr

Finally, the Article that Arie and me published, is online: “Abundance, edge effect, and seasonality of fauna in mixed-species seagrass meadows in southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia” in Marine Biology research (fieldwork from my master-thesis in 2005). In addition Kiki Dethmers received her “Dr.” titel after her defence last week in Nijmegen, here is her thesis. So 2 [...]

25 Dec

Tropical underwater Christmas (tree) worms are greeting you to wish you happy holidays from East-Kalimantan. Unlike in The Netherlands, here is no snow, no party but we celibrate the fact that we reached our goal of catching 300 turtles, with some rice, fish and onde-onde (sticky sweet green things)!  Cheers Marjolijn

25 Dec

Udayana University (Denpasar, Indonesia) and the joint program WWF Berau, was so kind to provide one of their fastlock gps systems (Sirtrack) to track a green turtle from Derawan to study the movement on its foraging ground. Jaya Rata came all the way from Denpasar to Derawan to attach the Sirtrack transmitter. He has tagged a lot [...]

03 Nov

This Autumn our seagrass researchers team from Radboud university Nijmegen and NIOO Yerseke visited our seagrass collegues in the Wadden Sea Station Sylt Germany. Besides the presentations we had some wonderfull excursions to the seagrass in the bay behind the institute. And our hosts Harald and Ragnild Asmus also to took us out to dinner [...]

22 Aug

If you arrive on Derawan, especially with low tide, you will notice one thing immediately: GARBAGE. It’s everywhere! People living next to the shore throw everything in the water/on the beach; Garbage, toilet contents, everything. So one day when we were on our way to Maratua but when we had to return due to dangerous [...]

12 Feb

10 February Judith Sarneel and me found our way back (was it a Levy walk?) to Conference centre “De Werelt” for 2 days of total saturation by Ecological research during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting in Lunteren: At daytime listen to “Allee effects”, early warning signals by spatial patterns, plantquality-herbivore interactions and at nighttime getting [...]

05 Oct

In august I visited Maratua for some measurements on the seagrass there. When I arrived the water was too high to work; time for some exploring! So I asked a man from the village about the marine lakes there. Off we went, through palm forests and mangroves with a “parang” cutting out our way. And [...]

23 May

Before my supervisors arrive and the experiment will be started I’m first testing my cage set-up. The cages are build out of concrete-iron with fishing nets on the sides and on top of the cage, attached by cable ties. The net is 5cm in diameter to prevent the turtles from getting stuck into the net. [...]

12 Oct

Welcome to Lamun.wordpress.com. “Lamun” means “Seagrass” in Bahasa Indonesia and is the main subject of my PhD project. The tropical seagrass which I’m going to study in the Berau delta in front of the island of Kalimantan, Indonesia. I will add more information on my project and other nice things to know very soon, so [...]