06 Dec

Together with Nicole Esteban we have a nice paper out on #oceanoptimism: Press release in Dutch here Climate change impacts clearly threaten many species. Sea turtles are a flagship conservation group and one major threat of climate warming is the feminisation of populations which may occur since all species have temperature dependent sex determination with female [...]

27 Sep

A short update to announce that 3 new co-authored papers have been accepted this month! So do you want to know why use FastlocGPS? Check out our comparison of Green turtle home range with Argos in Caribbean, Indian Ocean & W Australia Did you know?: Seagrass ecosystem trajectory depends on the relative timescales of resistance, [...]

07 Oct

Our new paper is online available from today in Biological Conservation: a pdf here! The highlights of this paper: Shellfish reefs strongly modify habitat conditions in soft-sediment ecosystems. These non-trophic interactions strongly alter community and food web structure. Simple food web metrics captured these changes; classic community (biodiversity) metrics did not. Food web metrics are a useful [...]

29 Apr

Grazing is an important driver of ecosystem functioning! Not only in seagrass ecosystems :). This paper is a result of a very nice collaboration with Liesbeth Bakker and other colleagues working on herbivory in other ecosystems. Paper highlights: In this paper we show that herbivores provide strong top-down regulation on freshwater macrophytes and seagrasses. Their effects are [...]

18 Jan

Our new paper is out in Proceedings of the Royal Society B! Green turtle populations have expanded so much in Indonesia’s east coast islands marine protected areas that they are adopting new feeding habits, degrading the ecosystem and threatening their own conservation. Read more about  “Habitat collapse due to overgrazing threatens turtle conservation in marine protected [...]

12 Feb

This time my colleague from Singapore Siti Yaakub wrote up a story on a recent check of the seagrass near Makassar, Sulawesi. With my photo’s next to it. Enjoy it on the Seagrass Online site!

05 Feb

I was delighted to be requested to provide an article for Seagrass Watch magazine. The articles is published in the November issue. You can download the issue from their site (my article is on page 6) or download directly from the Seagrass Watch site (big pdf of 22MB). Enjoy the reading!

24 Oct

I guess I have to rewrite my paper now.. : Thanx to by my not-scientist boyfriend that send me the link on Discovermagazine.com

06 Oct

I am very happy to present to you: the 2nd Paper of my thesis, that has been published online in Journal of Ecology this month: check it out!:

02 May

After months of blog-silence I finally have some news to share: The first paper of my Phd thesis is published in Aquatic Toxicology this month.

13 Apr

In January, National Geographic Indonesia published a very nice map about the important habitats for the green turtles in the Derawan Archipelago. See low resolution map below. The Editor in chief visited Derawan and interviewed all goverment NGO’s and researchers (me) having something to do with the green turtles in November and he made a good [...]