Dutch Seagrass Excursion

Last year Laura was working together with me in Indonesia for her MSc. Now she already harvested a mega-seagrass-experiment for her own Phd. research. After receiving al lot of positive sms from Laura, when I was in Indonesia, I was looking forward visiting her experiment in Viane. Wouter also showed us his research on seagrass transplantation in Roelshoek. Eric Visser, Eelke Jongejans (both from RU’s Plant Ecology Department), Marieke and Leon were also invited to brainstorm over the driving forces behind succesful recolonisation after seagrass transplantation. The growth-season is very short from spring to early autumn but Zostera noltii growth rates are almost comparable, nevertheless seagrasses are still declining in the Netherlands. It is a pity that on the sites were seagrass grows most successful, dikes have to be enforced and seagrass have to give way.

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