Transport of research materials Balikpapan-Derawan

Trying to find all the materials needed for research is one thing. Transporting them to Derawan is really much more adventurous. The rainy season is not over yet and the road between Samarinda and Berau is in bad condition and sometimes not excisting anymore. But this is the only way to get your stuff (if you’re also transporting liquids) to Derawan.

So I chartered a car with driver, to get from Balikpapan to Derawan, like a Kijang (but next time I will charter a 4×4 car) This costed me 3,5 million rupiah and 36 hours travelling (you see why below!), sharing my chair with Dani, my assistent from Balikpapan. After this we arrived at Tanjung Batu at low tide, so I had to spend the night at the only losmen and take the boat to Derawan the next day 48 hours from the start of the journey.

The other option is to send your materials with air cargo (Balikpapan-Berau and than arrange transport to Derawan via Tanjung Batu by car), which will cost 3000 rupiah/kilo excl car.

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