Before I can start with experiment 1, I have to start from scratch with the collection of the materials which are needed to start experiment 1. The family of the homestay in Balikpapan are pro-actively helping me with every weird thing that I carry to their house. After showering I exitedly noticed that the father of the house already started cutting the 360 pieces of steel.

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  1. Thijs says:

    Hi Marjolijn,
    Good to hear things worked out with the visa, mine is already almost due for extension. I hope to visit you somewhere soonish on your little island to chat up.
    Greeting from the mainland,

  2. Sarah F. says:

    Looks like a promising start! Good to hear you made it there safe. Good luck with the rest of your preparations. I look forward to reading more… Groetjes vanuit Nijmegen.

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