This week I am joining the SIBES 2013 crew on the Navicula. They are sampling benthos at ± 4500 points spread througout the Wadden Sea, a program that is already running for 6 years.

Zostera marina in Wadden Sea: At the first evening I was joining Job to search for ringed birds on the tidal flat (and getting a class in bird identification) and then we stumbled upon a seagrass plant (Zostera marina). Most likely a seed dropped from one of the 3 seed-release location of a restoration project at Schiermonnikoog of the Waddenvereninging and Rijkswaterstaat

On day 2-6 we sampled benthos from small rubber boats or walking on the mudflats. Sander was my sampling buddy. I had an amazing time with the SIBES 2013 team. Check out the pictures for more details

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