Just got back on the mainland. Last month we succesfully set-up a large experiment on Derawan to look at interactive effects of hydrodynamics & turtle grazing on seagrasses. This involved building 30 cages and 15 large underwater wave-bunkers for which we almost used al the sand from the nearby sand spit. To determine the location of the plots we used an unmanned aerial photo plane. A small disaster happened and the plane crashed in the telephone tower, and the plane is now in Switserland for repair. See below for a photo-report of the last month:


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  1. Hey hallo,
    Weer erg leuk om zoveel foto’s te zien. De tijd vliegt. Succes nog.
    Heel veel plezier met Sipke en fijne feestdagen, hoewel jij daar waarschijnlijk weinig van mee zult krijgen. Tot snel!

    Groetjes je zusje

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