25 Dec

Just got back on the mainland. Last month we succesfully set-up a large experiment on Derawan to look at interactive effects of hydrodynamics & turtle grazing on seagrasses. This involved building 30 cages and 15 large underwater wave-bunkers for which we almost used al the sand from the nearby sand spit. To determine the location [...]

15 Nov

  After a week of CERF-ing (Conference of the Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation) in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, I was totally saturated with new knowledge. So a great time to go out to the field & spend a day searching for Florida seagrasses near Sebastian Inlet. Lori, our guide never saw the seagrass in such [...]

04 Oct

After some long days in the field we took in the camp kitchen. Fons and Tjisse worked all night to measure the photosynthetic efficiency of the seagrasses, which resulted in this cool picture:   Check the slide show for a report of our last week of research in Shark Bay. Tjisse, Fons and Leon left [...]

19 Sep

Beautiful seagrass patterns of Sharkbay: Let the fieldwork begin! The team: Laura, me, Leon, Fons & Tjisse above the seagrass patterns     The seagrass leaves of Amphibolis are still full of red pigment after the winter period and make a really beautiful underwater panorama..We were very lucky with the weather and could work in [...]

31 Aug

Time for some fieldwork! This time not in Indonesia but 7 hours flying further east in Sharkbay, Australia! Together with Laura Govers, Tjisse van der Heide, Leon Lamers and Fons Smolders and researchers for the University of Western-Australia we will investigate the driving mechanisms behind the unique seagrass patterns of Shark Bay (picture below). Recently, [...]

24 May

The Radboud University has recently updated it’s “virtual classroom” with interesting microscopy pictures of tropical seagrasses and other submerged water plants, check it out, (Thanx Liesbeth Pierson) There is also a movie in the virtual classroom (in dutch only) to explain students what kind of research we do at the department of Environmental Science .

02 May

After months of blog-silence I finally have some news to share: The first paper of my Phd thesis is published in Aquatic Toxicology this month.

17 Dec

During our divetrip to the Similan and Surin island in the Andaman sea I found some seagrass (a Halophyla sp. >8 cross veins) growing very deep, between burrows of the shy spotted garden eels. While I know that some species are found much deeper, e.g. 50m deep (Beer et al. 1982) I was quite happy [...]

17 Dec

I just had a great time in Phuket and Trang in Thailand were the seagrass scientists of the world gathered for 11 days for the World Seagrass Conference and the International Seagrass Biology Workshop. Here a group picture of al the people joining the ISBW inside the Emerald Cave after surviving the 80 meters of darkness [...]

21 Nov

After 1 week of preparation the penyu team arrived at Derawan. Here Ibu Heldi invested my last payments in improving her place. Now it feels even more like home and our own research station even! In the week that my supervisors are here we revisited the seagrass meadows that they sampled in 2003. Sampling the [...]

03 Nov

Yesterday I arrived in Jakarta and there we made our first group picture with our fresh t-shirts. This was also the presentation of the new penyu.nl logo (see below). Meet our new team. From left to right Sarah Engelhard, Sjoerd van der Zon, Jan Roelofs (Prof. RU), Wawan Kiswara, Arifin (LIPI Oceanography, Jakarta), me, Leon [...]

25 Aug

Last year Laura was working together with me in Indonesia for her MSc. Now she already harvested a mega-seagrass-experiment for her own Phd. research. After receiving al lot of positive sms from Laura, when I was in Indonesia, I was looking forward visiting her experiment in Viane. Wouter also showed us his research on seagrass [...]

22 Aug

Derawan did not changed a lot since I left 10 months ago. This time Wawan and me came for only a few weeks to do 3 experiments on Derawan Island and to go to the other important Green turtle foraging grounds on Maratua (40km from Derawan) and Pulau Panjang (8 km from D).  What did [...]

13 Jul

This time I will be here for 6 weeks only, visiting seagrass meadows of Pulau Tikus (Pulau Seribu, in front of Java) and Derawan (Kalimantan) again. I am working together with Wawan Kiswara (the Indonesian seagrass expert from Jakarta) who is very helpful and has a never-ending hospitality surge. Together with his daughter Nina we [...]

12 Feb

10 February Judith Sarneel and me found our way back (was it a Levy walk?) to Conference centre “De Werelt” for 2 days of total saturation by Ecological research during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting in Lunteren: At daytime listen to “Allee effects”, early warning signals by spatial patterns, plantquality-herbivore interactions and at nighttime getting [...]

09 Jan

If I’m with my nose between the seagrass I sometimes encounter camouflaged creatures which I would have missed if I wasn’t studying the seagrass. These encounters are most rewarding and will “make my day” If you have more examples of fauna mimicking seagrass, please send me your pics/movies. Click here to see some more seagrass [...]

02 Jan

Like you must have noticed, I’ve moved the Blog of my Phd project to Penyu.nl! “Penyu” is off course ‘Sea Turtle’ in Bahasa Indonesia and I’m more flexible to do things with the weblog. Please change it in your Favourites or RSS subscriptions. So what happened after my last blogs where I showed you pictures [...]

01 Jan

*Next fieldwork period from Augustus 2009* Are you looking for a research project for your MSc specialisation? AND: Interested in Marine Ecology and Ecosystem wide processes? Would like to participate in fieldwork in the Derawan Archipelago, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Would like to gain experience in fieldwork in an experimental setting and in chemical laboratory technique [...]

05 Oct

In august I visited Maratua for some measurements on the seagrass there. When I arrived the water was too high to work; time for some exploring! So I asked a man from the village about the marine lakes there. Off we went, through palm forests and mangroves with a “parang” cutting out our way. And [...]

13 Aug

Time is flying. The enclosure experiment is finished and Laura and Madelon left for their holidays. Time for me to visit the civilized world and put some pictures on the internet. It isn’t very structured but that is because only emailing this pictures costed me 1 1/2 a small discription can be found next to [...]