23 Mar

We explored the southern islands of the Berau Archipelago, Bilangbilangan, Blambangan and Mataha in search of more foraging areas for the green turtle.  In January 2010 National geographic Indonesia published a map + article on the green turtle in Berau. Turtle foundation is conserving the nesting beaches on these Islands and has posts on Bilangbilangan [...]

25 Dec

Udayana University (Denpasar, Indonesia) and the joint program WWF Berau, was so kind to provide one of their fastlock gps systems (Sirtrack) to track a green turtle from Derawan to study the movement on its foraging ground. Jaya Rata came all the way from Denpasar to Derawan to attach the Sirtrack transmitter. He has tagged a lot [...]

25 Dec

The special thing about this research area (Derawan, Indonesia) is the high density of Green turtles (Bokok in bahasa Bajau, the local language). Last year we found 1 turtle per 30 square meters of seagrass. However on the different feeding grounds densities differ, possibly regulated by the availability of food, seagrass. In the last 2 [...]

21 Nov

After 1 week of preparation the penyu team arrived at Derawan. Here Ibu Heldi invested my last payments in improving her place. Now it feels even more like home and our own research station even! In the week that my supervisors are here we revisited the seagrass meadows that they sampled in 2003. Sampling the [...]

12 Feb

10 February Judith Sarneel and me found our way back (was it a Levy walk?) to Conference centre “De Werelt” for 2 days of total saturation by Ecological research during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting in Lunteren: At daytime listen to “Allee effects”, early warning signals by spatial patterns, plantquality-herbivore interactions and at nighttime getting [...]

02 Jan

Like you must have noticed, I’ve moved the Blog of my Phd project to Penyu.nl! “Penyu” is off course ‘Sea Turtle’ in Bahasa Indonesia and I’m more flexible to do things with the weblog. Please change it in your Favourites or RSS subscriptions. So what happened after my last blogs where I showed you pictures [...]

01 Jan

*Next fieldwork period from Augustus 2009* Are you looking for a research project for your MSc specialisation? AND: Interested in Marine Ecology and Ecosystem wide processes? Would like to participate in fieldwork in the Derawan Archipelago, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Would like to gain experience in fieldwork in an experimental setting and in chemical laboratory technique [...]

13 Aug

Time is flying. The enclosure experiment is finished and Laura and Madelon left for their holidays. Time for me to visit the civilized world and put some pictures on the internet. It isn’t very structured but that is because only emailing this pictures costed me 1 1/2 a small discription can be found next to [...]

18 Jul

Two months into my first research period I would like to update you on my progress. Because it’s almost impossible to post from my research location on Derawan I will show a compilation of photo’s. When I will be back in the Netherlands I will elaborate some more on the specific experiments. Click on the [...]

23 May

In the first week at Derawan I saw so many turtles, therefore a post about the “production of new turtles”. Yesterday night I saw 4 turtles (Chelonia mydas) crawling on the beach to search for a suitable site to lay their eggs above the high tide line. She digged out a large hole in the [...]