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Before starting this PhD project, I studied biology in Wageningen University and Nijmegen (The Netherlands), where I graduated in 2006. As part of my MSc education, I conducted two internships in tropical coastal areas. The first research project regarded the nursery function of seagrass and mangroves for coral reef fish in Tanzania. The second research project was about the role of fauna in marine macrophyte communities with respect to nutrient loss in Indonesia, where we redefined the trophic importance of seagrasses for fauna in tropical Indo-Pacific meadows, together with Arie Vonk.

In October 2007 I started as a PhD at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Here I would like to give a regular update about my research project. For all my other skills, scientific activities and interests I refer to my resume. For other questions, contact me.


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  1. hi, marjolijn. did you remember me? i’m the doctor who work at derawan island. this month will be my 10th month in derawan. more and more tourist came to derawan because of the beauty. last week i saw manta. will you miss those beautifull animal? see you next time.

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