Uft Memorandum Of Agreement September 25 2020

I am pleased that we can finally vote on the program we have developed. We have a timetable that we are satisfied with, that is not in line with the other agreements, but that works. No class-sized injuries, only mixed roles. We didn`t want to be with another mixed teacher at distance pls. Schools are now allowed to take on teacher schedules and tasks that do not fit well with the union`s prior agreement. This market was almost impossible for many schools. While some of these changes may be well accepted, the agreement is another obstacle when schools have to reassign teachers after they have already met with their students. The school year began on September 16 and students in all classes will be allowed to attend classes until October 1. Principals may be forced to fight again to revise their schedules to charge for new waves of teachers who can work from home. My neighbour is a principle and he hasn`t even heard of this agreement! How pathetic is this system? Please note that our policy reflects the reactions of school communities, school leaders and many other interest groups throughout the city. We have heard loud and clear that our scoring policy must also evolve to meet the academic and social and emotional needs of our students if students continue to adapt to distance learning and mixed learning.

The 2020-21 rating policy aims to give you a clear picture of your child`s progress while honouring each student`s experience, adapting to new learning methods. Which parts of the DEE-UFT Blended Learning agreements can be modified by the SBO process? Headteachers have some leeway and can ask 20% of teachers who have remote orders to travel to school buildings with appropriate notice. The agreement does not say how much an announcement is sufficient. Under the agreement, these housing units are only considered in schools that need to occupy more distance positions. All schools are preparing for mixed learning, where students personally learn part of the week in school buildings and learn from home on other days. However, for some reason, each family can choose 100% distance learning. If you prefer 100% fernlern, we ask you to contact us before this Friday, August 7, so that schools have enough time to plan. Please consult schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020 to fill out a short web form or call 311.

Complaints that were filed last week were not brought to the DOE by UFT.