The Role Of Agreement In Clitic-Doubled Constructions

These results have two main consequences: (a) the assumption that CLs are morphs of agreement that do not absorb cases becomes viable. This assertion is supported by the doubling of inanimation (section 1.3.1) and even some animaters (17) in the absence of a case of IOs (section 1.3.2) and weak cross effects (section 3.1) for which the CLs-as-agreement are used to identify the relevant empty category. b) Since extractions can be made of both CL-D-IOs (clause 2.1) and CL-DO (clause 2.2), it follows that CL are not theta roller absorbers, as the dual component must be in an argument position. The moral is that the lack of extraction itself does not show that the lining is in the position of A`. On the contrary, it is necessary to look more deeply to determine whether independent principles in language may be responsible for a lack of extraction in such contexts. Footnote 1 Suer, Mr. The role of the agreement in climate-double constructions. Nat Lang Linguist Theory 6, 391-434 (1988). – 1985, `The Unagreement Hypothesis`, in L. King and C. Maley (eds.), Selected Papers from the XIIIth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Benjamins, Amsterdam, p. 187-211. Chomsky, Noam: 1965, Aspects of the Theory of Syntax, MIT, Press, Cambridge, Mass.

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