Td Bank Financial Services Agreement

“The significant increase we have seen with the introduction of our own digital products and services has accelerated our work to use a market-developed technology solution to improve the comfort level of customers seeking access to digital services outside their bank,” said Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer at TD. “Our customers want digital solutions and we focus on supporting their decisions.” The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as the TD Bank Group (TD or Bank). TD is the fifth largest bank in North America after branches and serves more than 26 million customers in three key stores, which are located on several locations in The… The North American agreement means coordination between TD and Finicity on the protocols that Finicity must follow to access a TD customer`s financial data in order to meet the customer`s demand for the use of Financial Services supported by Finicity. At the customer`s request, TD transfers customer financial data to Finicity via a technology known as application programming interfaces (APIs), which may ultimately make it unnecessary for customers to share their bank login credentials or password to access third-party financial products and services. In 2004, TD Bank entered the U.S. retail market and announced an agreement to acquire the majority stake in Banknorth, a New England-based bank, for a total of $3.8 billion. [17] Banknorth was later renamed TD Banknorth after the sale was completed in March 2005. Within TD, we can also share information around the world, with non-health information, so that other companies within TD can share product and service information with you. To understand how we use your information for marketing purposes and how to revoke your consent, read the “Marketing” section below.

Credit institutions and other lenders – for a credit card, credit, credit, mortgage or other credit facilities, Distributor services or an overdraft account, we will exchange information and reports about you with credit institutions and other lenders at the time and during the application process, and on a current basis to verify and verify your creditworthiness, set credit and holding limits, help us recover a debt or meet an obligation you impose on us at the time and during the application process, and/or assess our risks. You can choose not to do a credit check to assess a credit application.