Stc Articulation Agreement

“We have a long-standing relationship with the old institutions, and now we have signed articulation agreements with the UTRGV so that our students know clearly that their courses are being transferred to a major at UTRGV,” said Shirley Reed, President of the STC. “No one wants to repeat classes, no one wants to do the wrong things, no one wants to waste time or money, so it`s an attempt to really tighten up this process.” Reed commended the UTRGV and its leaders for continuing work on the agreements. “There are a dozen more that we`re working on and we`re getting ready to launch agreements for programs that the university is launching,” Reed said. According to Mr. Reed, both institutions have devoted a considerable amount of work to these agreements. McALLEN — South Texas College and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley commemorated Monday, in a Memorandum of Understanding attended by the leaders of both institutions, the signing of 22 articulation agreements that should allow students to easily move from an institution. Guy Bailey, president of the UTRGV, said the agreements were important to the university`s goal of obtaining a quick and low-indebted degree. “This is important because it helps students track their careers in a timely manner. Our goal is to help students finish with quality training with as little debt as possible,” he said. To do this, you don`t need to have false starts in the courses you take; these articulation agreements ensure that students do not only take courses that are transferred, but that they take courses that are taken into account in their degree, and that is an important thing. The agreements applied to a wide range of fields of study, from sociology to civil engineering.

An Admission Transfer Agreement (TAA) between Saint Mary`s College and a Community College guarantees admission to students who sign a contract, enter into approved transferable courses and meet the minimum admission criteria set out in the agreement. The contract is available through your Community College`s Transfer Center. Reed said the tradition of agreements dates back to the 1990s. “It`s a good day for us and a good day for STC as well,” he added. . “The students worked really hard,” she said. “You should know in advance what is being transmitted.” . Do you have any other questions? We are happy to meet you one for one during an evaluation of the transcript. . “Don`t underestimate the effort it requires; For example, all the faculties at the UTRGV College of Education had to meet, review all the course content of what is taught at the STC, agree that it is appropriate, and then we also have this concern for academic rigour,” she said. Diablo Valley CollegeCore Curriculum Agreement De Articulation Lower Division Major Agreements:Accounting – Allied Health Science – Anthropology and Archaeology – Art History – Art PracticeBiochemistry – Biology – Business Administration – Chemistry – Communication – Computer Science – Economics English – Environmental and Earth Science – French – Global and Regional Studies – HistoryJustice Community and Leadership (Education)