Learning Agreement Uni Potsdam

International Office University of Potsdam, Haus 8 Am Neue Palace 10 14469 Potsdam Tel: 0331 977 1760 (Sekr.) Fax: 0331 977-1798 E-mail: infoaaa (at)uni-potsdam.de HPI and DEF maintain Erasmus-agreements with various European partners, in particular in Jyv-skyl (Finland), Modena (Italy), Karlskrona (Sweden), Tartu (Estonia), Coimbra (Portugal), Paris (France), and Istanbul (Turkey). We encourage students at HPI to spend a semester abroad and welcome guests to visit HPI for their studies. Typically, over 50% of masters races at HPI are taught in English. Please conduct independent research on the home university pages until when you need to apply with which documents. No, a scan or copy of sufficient quality is enough. Photos are not accepted. The deadline for submitting applications on 31.01. is still valid for the next academic year, starting with the winter semester/ Autumn Term/ Winter Term Term. In other words, even if you are planning your Erasmus stay during the summer semester, you must apply for the place as early as 31.01. the previous year. Please note that in many universities, the summer semester/ Spring Term / Summer term starts in January or early February and therefore overlaps with our winter semester. If you have reached less than 15 points per semester, we reserve the right to recover the scholarship on a pro-rata basis.

If you have not reached points, you must repay the scholarship. Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann Hasso Plattner Institute Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Strae 2-3 14480 Potsdam Phone: `49-331-5509-280, Fax: `49-331-5509-287 E-mail: felix.naumann (at)hpi.de Consultation hours: Please arrange meetings via office-naumann (at)hpi.de or my observe open door policy. You will receive the invitation to the OLS test after the grant agreement has been submitted. If you have not received an invitation, please inform the International Office. The LA is a study contract that governs both the courses you wish to take at the host university and the recognition of these courses here at the University of Potsdam. This is one of the key documents of the Erasmus programme and therefore a prerequisite for financial assistance for your stay abroad. The LA consists of 3 parts: LA Before the mobility, During the mobility and After the mobility. You can make changes to the agreed curriculum. To do this, use THE LA During the mobility.

The deadline for applications is 31.01 for most coordinators. If so, please inquire about the pages of the institute concerned or ask your Erasmus coordinator in the field. 01.04. The International Office sends a list of remaining places by email on request. You can then apply to specialist coordinators in the following weeks. It may then be possible to apply in another field. From May, you will need to find out directly in the department if there are still places available. Please then ask the International Office if there are any funds available to help you stay. The LA must be signed by you, by the Erasmus coordinator of the department or by the audit committee, as well as by a representative of the host university. The International Office only signs if it is expressly required by the host university.

You are responsible for collecting signatures yourself.