Before starting the real work we spend a week preparing the field expedition. This included a medical test, x-rays, discussing our plans with John and Di from UWA (University of Western Australia), arranging a camper, the necessary permits etc. Jennifer Verduin was so kind to host Laura and me in Perth. And we also had a nice evening with Paul and his family.


We surprised the hardware store assistant with a list of the strangest combination of fieldwork equipement, from osmocote to bamboo-sticks, to plaster etc. And bought 800 dollars of food to survive the next 4 weeks in Shark bay.

After arriving in Denham, Sharkbay (a 10 hr drive from Perth), it was time to take a first glimps of the seagrasses:


And the local fauna! Including loads of Dugongs, Sharks, Turtles, Emu’s walking inside mangroves, Kangaroos, and sea snakes later on.


At the look out at Eagle Bluff we saw sharks swimming around the seagrass patches.

Thanx Laura for additional pics!

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