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Visiting CEAB Spain

Last year I met Teresa Alcoverro and Rohan Arthur at the Turtle Symposium in India were we discovered that our research had a hudge overlap; we were both doing comparable work on ecosystems with very high densities of green turtles and declining seagrasses, and we only found this out just then. My lastest MS about habitat destruction by green turtles is in an advanced stage, so time to present my results at the lab in CEAB, in Blanes, Spain & discuss possibilities for comparing these special ecosystems of the Lakshadweep islands and the Derawan Archipelago where we both working in. Check out their great paper: “Implications of conserving an ecosystem modifier: Increasing green turtle (Chelonia mydas) densities substantially alters seagrass meadows“. Check also their interesting work showing that fishers of have been in conflict with turtles, and perceive that fish catches have declines over the years due to direct and indirect interactions with turtles. To be continued… (@ CERF)

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