Mayo tagged with Fastlock GPS

Udayana University (Denpasar, Indonesia) and the joint program WWF Berau, was so kind to provide one of their fastlock gps systems (Sirtrack) to track a green turtle from Derawan to study the movement on its foraging ground. Jaya Rata came all the way from Denpasar to Derawan to attach the Sirtrack transmitter. He has tagged a lot of turtles in Indonesia. 

The route of Mayo the green turtle can be followed here:  Have a look! Will she stay around Derawan or travel to greener meadows?

20091213MC14033 - Version 2

From left to right Turtle guards Darjon & Dody, Jaya (Udayana Univ./WWF), Sjoerd, Me, and Rusli (WWF-TNC Berau)


Turtle “Mayo” is sunbasking and waiting for the epoxy to dry before she is released again.She is 78,5 cm (CCLmin) and 70,9 cm (CCW). Her weight was 58.4 kg.

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