29 Aug

After performing the same experiment with transported Thalassia hemprichii last year I wanted to test the same treatments in the field. So after some creative thinking I came up with this set-up (click for more pics): I’m (amongs others) testing if high ammonia concentrations could cause troubles to seagrass.

13 Aug

Time is flying. The enclosure experiment is finished and Laura and Madelon left for their holidays. Time for me to visit the civilized world and put some pictures on the internet. It isn’t very structured but that is because only emailing this pictures costed me 1 1/2 a small discription can be found next to [...]

12 Aug

Time for a presentatie for WWF, TNC and the local goverment in Berau about our research in Derawan. After a morning with presentations (Nina thanks for the translation in Bahasa Indonesia) and a very nice discussion it was time for a afternoon of jungle. We rented a boat and drove 0,5 hours from Berau to [...]