My first experiment!

Without revealing to many details, I show you some pictures about my first experiment of my Phd project. Together with Tjisse I’m looking (amongst others) at the effect of ammonium on Thalassia hemprichii under high and low light conditions. Here are some pictures of the experimental set-up:



A detail of on of the 40 shoots of T. hemprichii the rhizome is cut to 3 cm and a stainless steel nut is connected to the shoot to keep it on the bottom of the glass collumn.

The first results of the PAM measurements on photosynthesis are very promissing! Unfortunately the preparations of my field campaign to Derawan is more pressing at the moment, so analysis has to wait.

And now lets hope that the rest of the imported seagrass from Indonesia will survive and grow new shoots for the next experiment. Here are some tips on growing seagrass in aquaria.




Newspaper DAG (11-12-2007) followed me during the experiment:


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